Antelope Zodiac DAC non DSD or DSD

I'm looking for a good quality (most likely used) DAC to keep up with my analog side and there are a couple of Antelope DACs for sale. Deck is  Nottingham 294 Space with a 12" Anna arm, Lyra cart pushing through a EAR Yoshino Phono Stage. Any thoughts on the Antelope non DSD box? Any other recommendations are also appreciated.  Much thanks
I have used both the Zodiac Gold and currently the Zodiac Platinum. They are both at the top of the Delta-sigma bunch not displaying any of the shrillness normally associated with the technology and giving a very musical and detailed image of soundstage and the individual instruments.The built-in attenuator as well as the analogue inputs are very good, the USB connection however can be finnicky: it wasn’t designed for Linux and getting it to work with my InnuOs Zenith Mk3 took a bit of trial and error. Overall a fine performance, especially if used directly into the power amp.
I would take a look at the antelope PURE2, a pretty good DAC and A to D. and if your budget allows, pop for a 10MX. 
Just to follow up. I bought a used Antelope Zodiac plus that is a few years old and in mint plus condition. Received it today and my impression is it is very good, at times completely stunning even.
Does it match my analog side? For now I will say: It is good and it is different. There w ere a few moments were I thought it may be better. I need more time with it. But yes it is good!
Thanks for your posts

Much thanks and you too. And you are right. Not a hint of shrillness.
The control of the bottom frequencies, detail, separation, sound stage are excellent. Nice piece of gear
As you think bout further improvements: a better power supply than the wallwart makes a big difference. I had a Voltikus on both Gold and Platinum and now run off a Sean Jacobs DC 3/4. There are also good Chinese PSUs around $100-150 that will make a big difference