Anthony Gallo Ref 3 - Bass Solutions with Tube Amp

Wondering if anyone out there has come up with solution to "co-drive" the bass module in speaker. I am trying to use CJ-Premier 140 to drive but want to enlist aid of solid state help for the bass.

AG's bass module still looks like it is 3-4 months out.
I have experimented using a hundred-watt SS stereo power amp, run off my preamp's second set of ouputs, through an HSU electronic crossover set at 43 Hz, into the Ref 3s' second voice coils. It works perfectly with my main amps, 12 wpc SET monoblocks. However, I get slightly deeper bass, and a very good blend with the Ref 3s, using the original pair of HSU subwoofers through the same crossovers. Good luck, Dave.
A solution like you suggest is easy. Purchase a used solid-state amp that has volume controls and one of these 50Hz low-pass filters.
I received an email from Gallo speaker's customer service and she confirmed that their subwoofer amp and center channel speaker are slated for a January launch.
Hmm, received response through my dealer that bass amp is not slated until end of 1st quarter. Do any of you know of a SS amp with volume control. (i.e. who makes such a beast)
Audiosource, for one. I also have Parasound and Fosgate/Audionics SS amps with volume control, but they're far from current models. Others may differ, but I don't think you need the ultimate quality SS amp for this application -- my Fosgate/Audionics does a fine job.
If you acquire an active crossover with level output controls you will not require output controls on the sub amplifier.

I just bought a pair of these ref III's off audiogon last week. They are fantastic, and are getting better hourly.

My problem is I am running them with a digital panny xr25 receiver, and I am trying to figure out a way to power the second voice coil in an inexpensive way. I was planning on buying the new xr70 when it comes out, and using them both connected via a digtal output to power both voice coils of the ref III's.

The pannys do not have preouts. I cannot figure out how to send the second voice coil the 50 hertz and below signal. Is their a crossover or low pass filter that I could install between the panny and the speaker somehow, without using preouts? Those F-mods are cool, but I do not think they will work in this case.

I know that the gallo amp/crossover--when it comes out--will take the 0.1 sub output and use that, but that is not coming out until the end of the first quarter next year. Of course, the way things are going, the xr70 might not be out until then either!!

Anything on the market that I could use now?

Thanks ahead of time for all your help and time.
Here' another idea: Parts Express has DIY subwoofer kits. They have several amps. I'm planning to purchase the version with 200 watts. It has a level control, a variable low pass filter and continuous phase control. The crossover is a second order version and rolls off at 12 db per octave. They cost about $120 each. I'm planning on buying two, making a plywood box both to house them, and presto, a dual mono amp for the second voice coil. I ran my idea by a technical guy at Gallo. He said that asked Anthony about it, and he thought it would work fine.

Not as good as the Gallo amp I'm sure, but it's available now, and will cost $240 instead of $900 for the Gallo amp.

Does anyone have any reactions to this idea? BTW, Parts Express also has 500 watt amp for about $250.

Aloha Rich,

Curious if you tried your solution yet, and if it worked?


I haven't tried it yet. I'll probably order the amps this week though. I'll post my feedback.
YOur idea sound great. I'm going to check out the parts express amps myself. It will certainly save some money, and, I don't think the second voice coil needs that high a qualit amp, but I'll await your post on how it works.
I checked out the Harrison labs web site, and could only find the battery driven power amps, like you'd use in a car. Do you have a link to the ac driven power amps, or were you looking at the same ones?
Why wouldn't something like this work just as well, and it has individual channel level controls.
Jackd, certainly it would--I guess 'most any stereo amp would work--but you still need a low-pass filter including gain controls. How 'bout an old Dalquist DQ-LP1? It had variable lo-pass filter points, gain controls, and a bass-boost control. Lo-pass slope is 'only' 12dB/octave, but that may be plenty fast enough.
Just had a thought...maybe the 'fuzziness' or 'lumpiness' (or whatever TAS's reviewer called it) in the Ref. III's sound with the bass amp used is caused by the inherent phase errors of its low-pass filters.

Another thought...depending on its bass-equalization capability, Gallo's bass amp may be quite reasonably priced.

These speakers certainly fascinate me in spite of my loving my current quad of very efficient Kindel PLS-As.