Any Ampex users out there?

I recently purchased some Ampex gear.....actually quite a few pieces. A AG440C with the servo motors and "B" electronics which should be delivered next month. I also picked up a 354 with a transport and several 350's with a transport. These tube types require updating so these probably will be a year out before I get them in my system. Would like to hear about your Ampex reel 2 reels.
Congratulations on the Ampex find, I have a 351-2 that I am overhauling. I've ben concentrating on the transport and have about 2/3 done.
I run a 440 transport with 351 electronics. This gives me remote control as the AG-440 has a head lifter.

As I have a extra set of 350 electronics I was thinking about running a 440 xport. Was your conversion complicated?

Roger, the 350 is a completely different animal! They are designed for the 300 series transport and have a different hookup. I was able to simply plug the 351s in without too much modification, although I did have to work with the head nest, to get the right heads for the 351s.

Thanks for the info.....I'll do some digging as I would think a 350/440 setup would be neet. Thanks