any audiophiles or audio enthusiasts in BUFFALO NY

just curious to see if any audio guys live near by.just upgraded everything, and would love to get a hands on opinion on what to tweak, upgrade, etc. thanks, gman
I'm a native Buffalonian and may be moving back there in the next few months to work at a family business. If so, I'd definitely like to hang out and compare systems, especially since I'll need to establish some new and fresh connections in the area.

I'll keep your user name on file, and hopefully something will work out! Best of luck finding other locals who can help.

I'm from Rochester and travel to you're city alot. What kind of system do you own? What kind of music do you have? I'm a poor newbie myself and am always looking for different systems to listen to so I can better understand what to hear for/different synergies.
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It's nice to see all you Buf'flos posting. I was born and raised in East Aurora. Reside in the Philadelphia area now though...
I live in Tonawanda NY a suburb of Buffalo.I was charter member of the WNYAS (Western NY Audio Society)from beginning to end,and also served as one of its officers.I'm always looking to meet new audiophile friends,listen to their systems,and have them check mine out.Also know a number of audiophiles in the area.Feel free to email me if you'd like my phone number.
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