Any Benchmark AHB2 users here….speaker connect question ..

Complete novice here trying to hook up my Benchmark AHB2 to my Totem 1 bookshelf speakers. 
I just noticed my Kimber speaker cables have spade type connectors and the amp has a single prong type speaker input. The binding posts on the amp has a clear plastic box type enclosure and I’m wondering if I can get this off (does it come of and how) can I connect with the cables I have.

Benchmark support is closed for the weekend so I can’t conveniently ask there .




Don't break the binding posts on your beautiful new amp!

The manual calls them binding posts. If it can't be loosened and bind down on a spade lug, it's not a binding post. Keep trying -- gently.

Thanks Mike, I was just wondering if these plastic casings were somehow intended to be removed, probably not and if that’s the case I’ll have to wait until my next trip to the US to buy new cables.