Any CARY CAD 300SEI owners who use Furutech fuses?

Dear all,

Would really appreciate if you could share your experience about using of Furutech, or maybe HiFi Tuning Supreme fuses, in your Cary amp please.

Well, for those who may interested. I installed Furutech couple of days ago and the results are fantastic, now my CD player.
My impressions are based on the very earlier burn in stage, so, much more need it, around 100 hours, before critical opinion, but...

The first 2 hours were terrible. After 4-5 it settled nicely and the image become more focused and stabil, some extra smoothness been detected as well. Its not rolled of kind, but some amount of delicacy that doesnt bother, which I realy like.

Even it may sounds like bla-bla-bla to a lot of guys, but why not try for yourself and re-sell if you dont like it. I never was sceptical about the possible improvements these fuses may make, but about their price, cos like many others, I was struggling, before I purchase one. Up here, in Europe, you pay around EUR60 include register and insured shipping, where I always thought, man, its only an fuse! Well, it still is, but like with everything, only your own ears can tell you what ever you hear it or not.

I dont use speakers, but AKG K1000 ear-speakers.
I realize that this is an old thread but maybe someone is still paying attention? Supposedly the HiFi Tuning fuses are directional, according to the arrow on the logo. But it is not clear, on the 300SEI, which way the current runs. The main fuse is located directly beneath the plug. So, does anyone know the correct orientation? I assume that with the tube fuse, the arrow should point toward the amp, no?
That's how I have my Hi-Fi Tuning Supremes(main & B+)
oriented, in my Cary SLM100s. Very pleased with the
improvements, in that orientation. I've never tried to hear a
difference, having them reversed. They've been treated to a
dose of Xtreme Quick Silver, and I suppose I'm just too lazy
to break the stuff out and go through the process again. As
easy a swapping directions would be, see if you prefer one
over the other, for yourself.
Thanks Rodman. So you mean that the tube fuse arrow is pointed toward the amp, yes? But do you have any ideas about the proper orientation of the main fuse (the one directly beneath the plug on the 300SEI)? I think that normally you would point the arrow away from the AC port, but you can't use that rule here because the fuse is directly beneath. I suppose I could open it up and look at it.
Hi RF- Personally, if I were to install a new fuse now; I
would try it in both directions, just to see if I could
discern a difference. That way; there would be no reason to
open up the amp. BTW: Yes, I have all mine oriented with
the with the diode-looking thing's pointy end(cathode)
toward the inside of the amps. Happy listening!