Any descent keyboard for my wife.

My wife started to ask me to buy the descent inexpencive keyboard that can sound close to the piano. If there are any musicians please help me with the choice.
Pick up a used Kurzweil PC88. The sound is GREAT, but it really the feel that sets this keyboard apart from all others. A used model in decent condition can be had for under 1000 bucks. Cheers!
I'll trade you a decent inexpensive keyboard for your wife, but (please don't take this the wrong way), I'd appreciate it if you could send a few pics first. :-P
Depends on how much you want to spend. I would suggest several Roland products. The RD600 which I have has 88 keys, probably under $1000 used. You may be able to get a used or demo Rd100 or RD150 for under $900. Yamaha has a real nice light weight 88 key piano, the P80, which I've seen for $899. All the ones I mentioned are professional and need a separate amp. I suppose it depends on her level of expertise. You might also try what I think is pretty cool, a Casio wk1630. 76 keys, lots of sounds and rythms, and a not bad piano sound, with built in speakers and amp, for $299. You might try Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, and even Sam's Club or BJ's wholesale. Good luck.
Please send photos! I've got a used Ribbon Mahogany Steinway B, so she'd better be worth it!