Any experice with Merrill Audio Thors?

"Any experience with Merrill Audio Thors?" -- sorry for the initial misspelling, can't seem to edit the title
Still new to this hobby and have enjoyed your posts thoroughly, spats and all.
I recently upgraded my streamer/server/ripper to an Innuous Zenith MK3 from a Zen Mini with an Innuous LPSU but kept the rest of my system the same as listed under my profile.

This made such a significant difference in the overall, detail, openness and ’3D’ quality of my streamed and ripped selections that I ordered another ’upgrade’. This of course leads me to my questions.

Having searched the web, this forum and my finances, I came to believe that a pair of Merrill Audio Thor monoblocs would be an improvement over my Bel Canto 500S. So, I ordered them. However, there is not a lot of information about the Thors here, or online. Does anyone here have experience with these mono blocs and care to comment on their sound and/or overall character?

Also, for now, the Thors will be driven by my Bel Canto 2.7 DAC-Pre and drive my PSB Imagine T2, relatively inefficient, speakers, rated at 88dB with a nominal impedance of 6 ohms. I’m wondering if the Thors are a proper match for these components, or if I may later need to change the preamp? I have to keep the speakers for marital and esthetic reasons; they also sound great to me.

My third question is the reason I sought to replace the BC 500S in the first place. Before I switched to the Zenith, my system was clipping at moderate volumes. I thought I needed a better, more powerful amplifier, so I started the search. But, once I put the Zenith in the chain, all clipping stopped. I’m wondering why the clipping happened in the first place and why a new steamer solved that problem, even though it was not expected, or supposed to do so? Any thoughts, theories or explanations would be appreciated. Thanks,
The Thors should provide more than enough power for your system.  They created roof-raising volumes with my speakers that are also 6 ohm impedance while being only 85-86db efficient. 
Thankyou. That is so. No need to go over 67 for regular comfortable listening. Below 55 is too quiet for me to hear much. However, 89-95 will have the neighbors calling and my family looking to have me removed.