Any experience with Eichmann "Toppers"?

I incidentally came across a review of Eichmann Technologies "Topper" resonance dampers. If they do what they're supposed to then their relatively cheap price would make them seem ideal for budget systems. Can anyone share their experience with these devices? How audible was the effect in your system? Are they effective with certain gear only?
Thanks in advance
I have tried toppers on top of components and speakers in my mid price system. The effect is very subtle when used on top of components and I ended up using them on top of the speakers, where they seem to make the mid range sound richer, especially when they were used on compact twin drive unit speakers.
Hope this helps.
Lesson renewed: I guess we all keep wishing for affordable miracle tweaks but in the end it always boils down to experimenting in one's own system, just have to be reminded now and then ;^)
Thanks a lot.