Any experience with mirriored flat screens ?

I am asking to find out if anyone has used one these mirrored flatscreen tv's . These things have a frame around them and look like a mirror when turned off . I
would like to know if there is any picture degradation .
I would think that the mirror is just a type of one way glass . I have noticed that this type of glass makes things appear darker .

As a customer installer I agree with buconero if your looking to hide your panel look at media decor

I build these units for my customers, and the picture is quite good, the darker glass adds a nice contrast to the viewing experience.

The good ones are not two way glass which adds a bronze tint to the image.

We have installed numerous units for our clients and they are all very happy, so it depends on the type of glass used when matched to the TV.
The reflective issues are multiplied by mirror monitors, beware of lamps, windows and other viewing distractions. Its a tv, embrace it.