Responses from icecream

HDMI max distance
Vanco HDMI up to 75' 
Need advice on cooling fan
Active Thermal Management 
Integrated to go with KEF LS50
Hegel h300 
Any experience with mirriored flat screens ?
As a customer installer I agree with buconero if your looking to hide your panel look at media decor 
Dave Brubeck passes
One of my all time favorite album R.I.P. Dave you will be missed 
BAT VK5i Issue
Check with Bat I had the same issue with a 51se turned out the caps needed to be replaced. 
How Long Ago Since You Cried Listening To Music?
Ditto Josh Groban's "you raise me up" My mother's favorite song I had actually had someone sing it at her Funeral. Bless her sole. 
What Song Reminds You of Your First Love?
"Moondance" by Van Morrison: for Nancy M 
Rogue Audio M-120 vs M-150
Well Worth the Upgrade, Incredible Amplifiers, And The Boysat Rogue are the Best. 
Best lines in a song
I love you You love Me where a Happy Family. I think a Guy named Barney Wrote it 
Who has experience shipping large speakers?
BAX Global is another Great Shipping company for LargeSpeakers, Never had a Problem with them 
Best drink while listening to your rig?
Murphy Goode Cabernet Best Cabernet @24.00 or Less 
What is your most beautiful component?
My Wife!!!!!!! 
Nyack or Rockland area
I live in Rockland Give me a Shout. 914-907-7648Mark 
What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???