Any experience with Shunyata Research's Anaconda Ztron OR Audience AU24-SX Speaker Cables?


I'm on the hunt for my next speaker cable and have already almost made up my mind on what I am going to purchase but with that said, there are still two brands I'm curious about. The cable I'm about 98% sure I will end up getting is the Cardas Clear model but the remaining 2% of me is wondering if there is something slightly less expensive but maybe just as good. Imagine that!

I've scanned at what seems to be both ends of the Internet for reviews or experiences from Users who have tried the Shunyata Anaconda Ztron cable but the picken's are very slim. Who knows, maybe this cable doesn't exist after-all?

Its a similar story for the Audience AU24-SX but understandably these a pretty new still. I've seen a few mentions of this cable here on the forums but I was hoping to hear a bit more about its sound characteristics. I'm not even sure if they are considered in the same league or not as these other two previously mentioned cables? I've never heard any of the Audience line but know they have a loyal following. The price of the new SX line alone would suggest they are attempting to swim with the bigger fish this time around.

Also, my hope is that this thread doesn't attract the usual suspects who say "I bought Billy Bob's Super Deluxe brand and it can beat the pants off of a cable that cost's 100000X as much". Don't worry, I too have owned my share of Billy Bob back yard brands in the past so no need to bring them up in this thread.

In any case, I was curious if anyone here has listened to either of the wires in the Title and could post up what your thoughts were of them?

Thanks for any info you can provide
If you don't have any local dealers near you to audition these cables I have found if you contact the manufacture directly they are more than willing to talk to you and sell direct, and I've had them send me demo cables to try before I buy. Always best to try before you buy if you can so you don't buy another set of Billy Bob's Super Deluxes, although I read somewhere they are bringing out the Neapolitan series which is going to blow away the very well regarded Vahanilla series.