Any former PSB Goldi owners happy w/new bass?

I have PSB Goldi speakers and would like to upgrade to something more modern. I have had Revel F30's and F32's, and have home demoed Von Schweikert VR2's but didn't find the bass as satisfying as the Goldi's. Maybe I'm a bass freak after having double Advents for years but that's what I like. I'm after more sophisticated highs which I did experience with the F32's but they don't rock the house with a large sound like the PSB's. Anybody move from Goldi's to a full sounding speaker that also has the sophisticated highs I'm after without spending $5000.00+? I know a lot of you are happy (temporarily!) with your systems but I would really like to hear from former or current Goldi owners.
I have fooled around a fair amount with electronics and wires, SS and tubes. Currently using Parasound JC-1's fed by BAT VK-40 and Arcam CD33T. Syn Res Alpha Sterling Active, Harm Tech Truth Link, and some Signal Cable IC's, Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker biwire.
I currently use the last version of the Gold i. It still a very good speaker for the money . If youre into rock or country its hard to beat ( great bass ). Im sure there are beter speakers , but they do cost more . Good luck
Build outboard better crossovers as direct replacements.. Will make your golds sound like diamonds!

You can probably call PSB and get them to email or fax you the schematic.