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How to divide a budget between components
Balance rules- 1/3 sources, 1/3 amplification/control, 1/3 speakers= good sound 
Are my speakers now the "weak link"?
no, cd, amp and phono first. 
Ideal power amp for PSB speakers
I have used NAD and Naim with good success with PSB gold stratus i, PSB platinum T6. Anything with decent power will drive them. 
Need opinion with new cd player purchase
Naim rocks and the 5X with a flatcap is excellent. Never heard a Roksan. 
solid state integrateds that will hold their value
Naim Nait holds up very well 
An audiophile in Chicago .....
Pro Musica in Rogers Park is very good. 
CD player closest to vinyl?
Meridian and Naim are close but are very expensive. 
Will Naim Nap200 be sufficient for my Magico V2
Check Naim forum, a few use Magico and love them but with a Nap 250 or 300 which has more power. 
Prior or current owners of PSB Stratus Gold
I own Gold i models and have upgraded to PSB Platinum T-6s. I have looked at and liked Synchrony, Maggie 3.7, Sonus Faber Luito, and Dynaudio three-way floorstander. None were compatible with my Naim equipment or fit my price range. Should be many... 
Should cable elevators be used?
I do the same as Elizabeth and noted a minute change but price is right! 
Musical cd plyer under 1k
Naim cd5 used, very musical 
PSB Stratus Gold upgrade to PSB Synchrony One
I have gold stratus i and upgraded main system platinum T-6. I liked the Synchrony better but not at twice the price[closeout on T-6]. A little different sound and less forgiving than gold or platinum series but an excellent value especially at th... 
Solid State CD Player under $2000
Naim cdx2or 5x are both outstanding and can be found at comparable prices. 
Which of these would you prefer?
PSB is very good, Usher is pretty good, Paradigm is good. Never heard Green Mountain. all relative to price. IMO. 
driving PSB Bs
I have PSB platinum T-6s driven by Naim 250 amp and have also used a Naim 140, Nad and Adcom amps. all sounded very good. I have heard Simaudio but not with PSB. Very dynamic sound. Plinius very high end should work well. Not familiar with Bel Can...