Any Grado Warranty/Service Issues?

Sent a BRAND NEW Grado Platinum Cartridge back to them for warranty service 'cause 1 channel was completely "dead". Tried it on 2 turntables & 2 pre-amps to ascertain that it was not my front-end equipment.
USPS Tracking shows that they received it 8/4/08. Telephoned 5 times since to inquire of status of cartridge. Their reply each time was that Mr. Grado is "on vacation", "stepped out" and "will be back tomorrow". Hummmmmmm.......
Can anyone shed some light on them? Any one else experience problems with them? Thanks...
I sent them a Grado phono preamp that was past the warranty period fully expecting to pay for the repairs. To my surprise they fixed it for free. I was obviously very pleased and impressed with their customer service.
I sent a cartridge back for retipping. Was able to talk to the gentleman that was going to make it. Was treated very well. I don't remember it taking too long. Was very impressed with them and my experience.
Remember that Grado is purely analog :) No RA numbers or computerized tracking of repairs....I sent a pair of SR60's to them last year and went thru much the same anxiety. But, 2-3 weeks later my repaired 'phones showed up totaly unanounced. Since they were out of warranty, Grado just tucked a repair bill in the box - no waiting about while they mailed out the bill and held return until it was paid.
Old fashioned but I kinda like that business model....
They will take care of you. Be a little patient. I had a cartridge start to go out one month after the warranty expired and they sent me a new cartridge. It is my experience that they will take care of their customers.

Blessings, Bob
Grado was closed for most of August. John was enjoying the beach. Thus the reason most likely for the delay. I'm sure you'll receive it back soon:) Repair time is usually 2-3 weeks on most items.
Thank You.
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I can only add to what has been said. Though they are somewhat of a throwback as far as tracking and responding, I have have had nothing but positive interactions with them.
Thanks to all for your replies. It's been over a month now, but I will be more patient.