Any impressions? Morrow SP-3, Straley Reality

Hi guys, I've ploughed through many, many forum posts and have narrowed down my speaker cable choices to the Morrow SP-3 and Greg Straley Reality Cables.

I don't really have enough moolah to charge both to my card right now for the trial, unfortunately.

So I was eager to get any listening impressions for either cable - especially interested as to how you would rate either one in regards of clarity.

My strong preference is for a cable with tight, clean midbass.

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I just picked up some Clear Day double shotgun from the classifieds. I like them, but I think it's really clear to me now I need to work on my source.

Can you tell me the rest of your system, and what interconnects you're using, Tvad?
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I have tried both. The Mogami 3103 speaker cable is leagues ahead of both these cables for both musicality and neutrality.