Any information on Mark Levinson ML-7A

Hi Guys,

Bought my old Levinson ML-7A back to team uo with my ML-2's

Had a Schematic of the Levinson ML-7 or 7A.
Lost a couple of files regarding audio due to a crashing HD (have a NAS for backup now) with these files on it....

CanĀ“t remember where I got it from (not from MLAS or Madrigal for sure ;-)) maybe the offline or so...

Anyone here can offer me some help.
Just bought a ML-7A so it would come in handy.

Does anybody know the difference between the ML-7 and ML-7A?
Former president of Madrigal didn't and the designer Tom Colangelo pst away in 2007.

Thnaks in advance
I used to own the ML-7A for about 20+ years and loved that pre-amp,I have seen the inside of both and based on memory the difference between the 7 and 7A was some better small- signal capacitors and a few better small resistors.
I know the sound was better, more transparent. I still have some of those tiny gold pins for phono loading with resistors if you are interested.I will look to se if I still have a schematic. Is this really "Thee Brian Eno" or is that just your user name? jimc555
I'd like to know if this is Brian Eno as well. A good opportunity the shower thee Brian Eno with praise.