Any Lambchop fans here? recommend an album plz.

I first heard of Lambchop here on AudiogoN and promptly bought "Is a Woman". I like it but the lyrics and vocal style are a bit odd and I sometimes find myself wishing it were an instrumental record. I really like the cut "the old matchbook trick".

I've been reading the reviews on Amazon and it appears that the other Lambchop records are a bit different. If you are a fan, let me know which other Lambchop albums you like and tell me a little bit about the style. I understand some have a bit of county flavor, some have horns and some drive a little harder than the slow and melancoly "is a woman".

Thanks and enjoy,

I do not remember their names but, after first buying 'Is a Woman' I bought a few of their higher rated albums (allmusic) and they were not as good IMO. The style of them is more typical pop/alternative music. I can not think of another group to compare them to and also have not listened to them in a while but this is my original impression. BTW Is a Woman is one of my favorite albums of the past several years so I was a bit disappointed by their other efforts.
I would try Joe Henry's 'Scar''. In the same vein and very well recorded. Also, try to find things from a group from England called the Bather's - " kellingrove Baby" is a great disk, Finally, somewhat further from this vein I would check out some Badly drawn Boy, if you haven't already.
Along with, "Is a Woman", I also have "Treasure Chest of the Enemy". Kurt Wagner is one sick puppy (I mean that in a good way). My favorite cut is, "Kurt Wagner's Heart Attack". I heard, "Aw C'mon", and, "No, You C'mon". Again, good stuff, though not enough to make me buy these two. I don't think you can expect much different material from a band described by their label, Merge Records, as, "Nashville's most f*cked-up country band". Other "lo-fi" artists (similar?) I would recommend are Will Oldham (a.k.a. Bonnie Prince Billy), Jason Molina (from Songs: Ohia), and Iron & Wine. All have many excellent releases. And you might also like S.M.O.G. (Bill Callahan is quite good). All of these can be a little strange at times, but in a good way. Good luck.
Great recommendations from Rockadanny. I love Oldham's work! Lambchop's newest release, "Damaged" is excellent, if you buy the LP you'll get a free download of the album as well for your digital digs. "Aw c'mon" and "no c'mon" both have a lot of instrumental tracks. "Nixon" and "Hank" are alot of fun. I really dig their sense of humor, and excellent playing. In my opinion you can't go wrong with any of their offerings. have fun.

Pfront...great call Joe Henry's Scar is far superior...a great of my favorite pop CDs in recent years(though very much using elements of jazz w/ great musicians Brian Blade, Ornette Coleman (!), Brad Mehldau (!), Ms'scheill Ndeggeocello, Marc Ribot....not since Pat Metheny and Jaco played on Joni Mitchell's albums of yore have I seen such great jazz musicians on pop CD and not only playing well but entirely within the context of the song so well) Most Highly Recommended indeed.
thanks Prfont for the recommendation,

I am listening to Joe Henry's 'Scar' for the first time as I write this and I can see the similarities to Lambchop's 'Is a Woman'. It is a little more upbeat and jazzy but with the same sounding guitar tone and similar disc sound which is to say, superior to most recordings. I think Joe henry sounds more like Lambchop than Badly Drawn Boy which is a big production in comparison and sounds a bit like Moby to me.