Any one got better results than with EAC?

ExactAudioCopy software gave the best results in burning cdrs (at 2X), with the memorex black CDR. It had warm sound with smooth highs - tamed the digital harshness.

I haven't tried the highly regarded Taiyo Yuden CDR yet, and I am wondering, does anyone have something that will beat this, since I am new to this?
I have yet to come across anyone not satisfied with EAC. I have been using the same software and still nothing can beat it in terms of reliability. I hope you rip the CD's to wave by using secure method and not engaging the burst mode, this way the copy is the best albeit it take twice as much time. One should also properly configure the drives for any offset by using any disks already in the database of EAC. The best drives for ripping are the ones which do not have Data Caching capability, i.e CD and DVD Roms (I use Asus brand for their sheer reliability when it comes to basic drives and Plextor when it comes to burners). The burners usually chache data so they are cosidered second best.

My first choice is always Taiyo Yuden discs as they are considered most relaible in the circles. You will also be able to get Taiyo Yuden discs on other labels as well. I picked up Fuji CD-R's when I found out they they were made by Taiyo Yuden.

Happy Burning!
Fuji recently switched manufacturers of CDR's and are no longer being made by Taiyo Yuden. The older (TY) Fuji CDR's can still be found in some stores. The Fuji CDR's made by TY say "made in Japan" on the spindle label, and on the actual CDR. The new Fuji CDR's that say "made in Taiwan" are not being manufactured by TY.


Thank you very much for that update, I will keep that in mind when I am again in the market for CD-R's but at the moment I have a good stock of Taiyo Yuden disks to last me a few months.

If it is made in Taiwan it could be Raitek?

Lately Plextor has also come up with thier CD-R's in the market but I have not checked them out if they are Taiyo Yuden or Ricoh. Ricoh is another good manufacturer of disks.
Thanks for the detail on EAC use - it's a big program - not as intuitive to use. I should read the readme completely. They also have a forum at their sight.

I will try your suggestgions. Have you tried decompressing MP3 files? Adds something to it - harmonically richer on top. It's a wonderful free program. Everyone should use it.

If you burn from old LPs, you might want to get rid of the poping sounds with audiosurgeon program - not too expensive on amazon.

hmm mitsui gold blanks you may want to look into those.i haven't heard the ty's or fuji though.
Tried Taiyo Yuden and are better than memorex black. The best so far, although I haven't tried a mitsui yet - next. Got Taiyo for 20cents each on the web.

Glad to know that and appreciate your feedback! Hope it is useful for others as well who are into this.