Any one heard Audio Analogue ABsolute

Any one heard Audio Analogue ABsolute? How does it sound, what character? does it drive big speaker or is Gryphon diablo 300 better?


I haven’t heard the ABsolute, but I owned the Maestro Anniversary. It had it’s strengths, such as a wide, holographic soundstage, good detail and bass authority, but I was not excited by it’s treble (enough lower treble but not extended enough, sparkle was missing), the tonality was a bit grey-ish for my taste and it kept on malfunctioning. After requiring servicing 3 times in 3 years, I finally sold it and replaced it with a hassle-free Accuphase 470 that I also prefer in terms of sound. After buying the Audio Analogue, an ex dealer told me they dropped the brand precisely because of its lack of reliability. FWIW...