Any opinions on how to improve my set-up?

I'm a budget audiophile (If it sold for more than $1500 when new it is strictly used and demo gear)

Here's my system, comments and suggestions appreciated:

Stereo Side:

Sony ES 400 CD changer
XM satellite receiver w/upgraded cables
(Will soon get a Music Hall MMF 5 turntable)
Krell KSP 7b Preamp
Sunfire Signature Stereo Amp
MIT 750 speaker cables for Low end
MIT 750 Shogun cables for High end
Kimber & other mostly silver interconnects
(just purchased a Stealth PGS pair to place between the Sony and the Krell)
Cardas ($250 or so) 2 meter XLR's between Krell & Sunfire
ESP The Essence Power strip for all Stereo componenets
Carver ALIII+'s (But considering going back to PSB Stratus Golds)

Home Theater:

Actually, I don't care as much for my surround sound suffice it to say that it consists of a:

Yamaha RX-V 2095 receiver
Panasonic 909 LD/DVD combo player (upgraded to 919 specs)
PSB Stratus Mini Fronts
PSB Ambient II's Back
PSB Stratus C5 middle
PSB Alphas Front "effect"
Sunfire MKII True Subwoofer

Would eventually like to replace Yamaha w/a Denon 5803
and get Stratus mini's all around.

Would getting a genesis digital lens and a D/A converter ($2000-$3000 NEW - NOT what I would pay!)improve the sound of the Sony ES?

What about my idea to replace the Carvers with some Gold i's ?(I used to have the original golds)

I feel that I know quite a bit about mid to hi-fi; however, nothing beats personal experience! So ANY comments and reasonable suggestions (remember I am a "budget" audiophile) are welcome and appreciated.


The Viking
Getting a DAC would certainly help out the sony. Look at either Sonic Frontiers' SFD-2 (tube)or Classe DAC-1 (SS). Can get eitherh for around $800.
Try a one box to replace your Sony. Try SFCD-1, BAT VKD-5, or Meridian 508.20. Though, these will cost more than the DACs.
Instead of a receiver, use a surround processor and
multi-channel amplifier -- the difference is enormous.

Anthem AVM20

Anthem MCA-50

Check it out.