any opinions on the B&K PT5 stereo preamp???

I'm seperating my HT and 2CH and I'm in the process of researching pre/amps for 2CH. My speakers are Paradigm ref 100,s. I don't seem to find much about the B&K PT5 and I just wanted to see if anyone here has any experience with this unit. Here is a list of the others I'm looking at:

Anthem TLP1/MCA20
Mccormack RLD-1/DNA 225
Rotel RC1070/1080 or 1090
Classe Sp35/CA200
Bryston, either 4BST or 4BSST but not sure which preamp.
Marsh P2000/400 amp
B&K PT5/200.2

Any info. regarding the B&K or any of the above is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU, Chris.
I cant say anything. I was in the same boat looking at this and the anthem TLP1 in particular. If you can listen, do so. If not then you have the same problem as I do!

I bought an Adcom GTP-502 as it was/is the matching pre to my amp. I think if you can listen and like the B&K then buy it. It is reasonable and convenient and that is what attracted me to it. If the sound can match even half of its functionality, then to me it is a good deal
I had a PT-3(predecessor to/same as the PT-5) in my 2 channel system matched to a B&K amp. Really nice sound. People say the B&K sound is tube-like. it had cool features too. The interface/remote took getting used to. Eventually sold it when I consolidated systems into one. If i were putting together another 2 channel system I would buy one again in a heartbeat. Read reviews at

have fun!