Any Oracle Delphi testaments on Wilson Benesch ACT 0.5, Ittok LVIII/2 tonearms?

Dealing with a hum from a Rega RB-300 paired to a Grado Reference Sonata 1.
Have pretty much decided on a Dyna 20x2 for a cartridge upgrade, but as for the Rega ... I'm not sure.

As an example of several, I've gone through Arthur Salvatore reference list of T/A's, & weighing several variables (complexity of design, robustness, product reviews, price), I'm narrowing it down to ACT 0.5,
Ittok LVIII/2 and the Zeta.
Problem is, are these T/A's harmonious with Delphi's?
Anyone out there shed some light on this thread?