Any other Pat Martino fans out there?

I picked up a couple used lp's by him. Exit and Joyous lake.
Two completely different recordings that sound very good to me. He also has quite a story.
I heard him perform live at Blues Alley about 9 mo. ago. His technique is mind-blowing. Unfortunately, he left me feeling like form was elevated over substance... I just didn't get the emotional oomph from his performance... Maybe it was an off night... He does have an interesting story tho'.
I have several of Martino's early recordings, which I actually prefer to a lot of his current work. The fact that he is still performing, however, is a real testament to him.
Pat Martino played on tons of recordings, (haven't heard em all), but was a big fan in the 70's before he fell into a cheesy fusion rut, (his "East" record is excellent). So many fantastic guitarists have surfaced in the last 20-30 years that it's kind of hard to get excited when i go back and put on some of his discs.
FWIW, I never could get into Martino. Back in the seventies when I paid some attention to him he seemed a technician and pretty proud of it. But I must admit he did provoke a reaction. Like Edesilva says, lots of chops but no connection.
I just "discovered" him recently. I picked up "Think Tank" from my BMG club. Pretty damn good straight ahead jazz. I'm a fan of this recording.