Any recommendations for aftermarket C-7 power cord for Bluesound Node 2i

Looking for help on finding a better sounding C-7 power cord for my Node.  I have read about Audioquest, Pangea, Cullen, Shunyata, etc.  I have even looked at making my own.  Any suggestions or experience with good C-7 cords would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
Built my own and very happy with it. Purchased all parts from VH Audio.

Shielded Twisted Pair (12 AWG X 2) $10.99 per foot.

Furutech F11-M (CU) $48.99

Furutech FI-8N C7 $56.99

If you build your own I’d recommend a shielded cable and only connect the shield at the wall receptacle end to the ground and on the equipment end it floats as it’s only two conductor with the C7 plug but even with a three prong plug the shield still floats. I use this cable with my Vault 2 and it made a nice improvement over the stock PC. Haven’t tried any others but I’m sure it’ll keep up with anything else in its price point. 

I’ll take a picture and add it to my system if you want to see how it looks. One could add some tech-flex to dress it up but I like the way the raw cable looks so left alone.

Just noticed I used the gold plated plug.

Furutech F11-M N1


Another vote for the Cullen.

Frankly I can hardly believe the improvement, there is more information across all the frequencies with a quieter background.

well worth the $99
Another vote for Patrick Cullen and his C7 - I run it into my Apple TV 4K - well priced, nicely finished, very professional to deal with
I installed the Wireworld Aurora mini on my Node 2i and am very pleased after 4 hours of listening.

Lower noise floor, so better audibility of the quietest parts of the music. Even things like the mechanical noises of piano pedals. I can hear the tube noise in some older recordings that was not previously audible.

Cleaner reproduction of all frequencies and better separation of instruments.

Very impressive improvement in bass definition and low end extension.

The C7 connector is not polarized, so you can plug it into the Node two different ways. I found a big difference in the sound of the two directions.

I'll report back if there are any changes after a week or so of use.