Does anyone know if Bluesound Node 2i Streamer/Dac is being updated soon.

The current model (Node 2i)  is now one year old and I don’t want to get stuck with old technology. 
Digital is constantly becoming old technology no point in trying to keep up.

That said I doubt they'll refresh the Node 2i for a couple years as it's a great device and must be selling well for them so they'll likely leave well enough alone for awhile.

We're not talking about a TV here most audio products have a 5-10 year life cycle and the Node 2i is only a year or so old you're good for awhile...
It will get old when new content comes out that they aren't able to support, kind of like how I used to use my Oppo for streaming and they didn't add options for Qobuz, Spotify, Radio Paradise, etc. and then stopped supporting streaming.  The Bluesound app seems to be pretty flexible and I've received at least a couple of firmware updates since I've had my Node 2 (not the "i"), so they are supporting it and providing upgrades.  A lot of technology gets "old" quickly, but I don't think you have to worry about your Node 2i becoming obsolete any time soon.
The fact that Bluesound pushes out both app and firmware updates on a regular basis is why your Node 2i won't go outdated anytime soon. To illustrate their longevity, consider I gave Node N100's (the original) to my son, daughter, brother, and two friends over the years 2015 to just a few months ago. All are still in daily use. The only time 'obsolete' has occurred, it didn't actually happen so much as a feature was added to the new 'i' generation of products (like yours) which added a chip in the hardware that Apple required to make Airplay 2 work. That can't be done in the older units, but as long as there's one 'i'-generation unit in your home network, all the older players work with it. Yup, quite a bargain.

“I think it’s one of the best bargains“.  
I agree. Anyone serious about streaming, node 2i is a way to go under $1K price point. 
+1 @kenm10759 it's firmware updates that matter. My Auralic Aries Mini was discontinued a few years back but Auralic has said they will support firmware updates for another 5 years which seems fair.
Can the node 2i be run with a regular size smartphone without too much inconvenience, or is a larger screen required?
@jetter Depends how bad your eyes are! I run my Node 2 with an iPhone 7 every day without issue.
@jetter I use my Samsung Galaxy S10e often to control mine.  I don't like big phones, the S10e is the smallest one in the lineup.
Thanks audionoobie and big_greg, I think it is about time to purchase one, I have been living in a prehistoric world, listening to the jazz and blues channels from my xfinity cable box (besides CDs and turntable).
@puffbojie ,
From my discussions with Bluesound, the updated Nodes offer a wider range of network capabilities- like 5ghz band in the latest iteration.
Otherwise, the Nodes are essentially the same.
I own the original Nodes, and haven't upgraded to a newer model as Bluesound said it doesn't make a difference. They continue to upgrade the software and it all works as it should.
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Thanks anotherbob, I just ordered one last week and I am waiting for it to be delivered.