Any Recommendations? Southern California Audio Shows & the California Audio Show Oakland

One of the two Southern California audio shows is scheduled for early June (Los Angeles) and the other one in late September (Newport Beach).  Please see these links:

I cannot decide which one I should go to.  What is your recommendation?  I cannot determine Thanks.

The California Audio Show is also scheduled for July 28-30 in Oakland at the Hilton Oakland International Airport.  The last show was NOT very well attended.  This show is being planned by Constantine Soo (California Audio Show, San Francisco/Silicon Valley).   Since it is local, I will go to this show.

I attended the Newport show for many years but this year I'll be going to the June show at LAX -- if you check the list of exhibitors for this show you can see all the main dealers and brands will be present whereas for the September show (which btw will be in Anaheim so not Newport by any stretch of the imagination) there are no exhibitor lists available. The LAX location is easy to get to and was a good hotel back in the day that Stereophile used to run a show there so I've got my tickets for June
FYI: Copy of an email I received regarding the CAS7 Major Announcement: SPECIAL 3-day Pass ($10 tickets). 

"Dear California Audio Show ATTENDEES,

As reported in my Facebook page, the California Audio Show has been gearing up for a major announcement. Here it is: From Monday, February 20 and onward, we will offer our $40 3-day Pass to our attendees at a 75% discount.

That's right! You can get the all-access, 3-day Pass for only $10! Supply is limited. We will end this special discount once the allotted ticket supply is exhausted. Buy one for yourself, one for your "significant other", and, at this very special price, why not buy several more as special gifts for special audiophile friends or for others that you'd like to introduce to our hobby in the very best way possible?

If you are one of our early supporters and have bought your tickets already, you have our sincere thanks! It is my pleasure to inform you that you have already been refunded the difference and everyone can attend the show for all 3 days! Any questions or issues just email me at or call 510-734-4854.

Let's show the audio industry of the importance of the Bay Area. Grab your all-access 3-day Pass now and enjoy all the Sound Demos, art exhibits and Open Forums with industry personalities like Tim de Paravicini, John Curl, Gary Koh, Roger Skoff, Jack Roberts (The Dagogo Beatnik), Richard Austen (the infamous RGA on Audio Asylum) and more!


Constantine Soo
California Audio Show, San Francisco/Silicon Valley
2017 CAS7: July 28-30
Office. 510-734-4854"

i purchased a $10 ticket for the California Audio Show. 

Been to the Newport show 3 times, liked it a lot. Easy access good room for the money. Not sure if i go this year since they moved it to Anaheim, room rates will be hire for equal room or less quality room. plus you will mobbed with the Disneyland crowd. not as easy to get to.