Any SME IV mod shops?

I have a SME IV that is approx. eight years old. I was wondering if anyone knows of any tweak shops that have been successful in eeking out better performance from the arm, for example, by internal tube damping, wire replacement, etc. Thanks very much.
I just ordered a new (internal) wiring harness for my 12 yr old SME V from SME. The following is pasted in from an email I received from SME:

1. The original wiring fitted is silver litz.

2. Wire to same specification is still used, now manufactured by Van den Hul. A higher grade is also now available (Van den Hul MCS 150).

3. Your arm can be returned via Sumiko or we are happy to handle service work direct. There are no official service centres in the U.S.

4. New SV tone arms are now supplied Van den Hul 501 silver Hybrid audio leads; this of course is available as a spare and may be used with your SV.

For your information we could fully service your SV and fit the upgrade internal wire. The cost for this would be GBP273.64 (this price is given assuming your tone arm is at present in full working order). We could also supply the new audio lead for GBP132.34.

All prices are net and do not include packing / shipping etc.

I'll let you know how it goes if you want to send me your email address,