Any Soundstring Fans?

The Soundstring cable line was very favorably reviewed by Robert Levi and Dan Wright, responding to an inquiry from me, said that he uses them and could recommend them for use with his KWA-100 amp, which I own. And yet, I have been unable to find a single mention of this seemingly well regarded product line anywhere on this forum. Do any of you use these cables and if so, can you please describe their qualities as you hear them. It's my understanding that an upgraded "second generation" line of cabling is becoming available from Soundstring as well. What I know is that the original cables are very reasonably priced, particularly if performance is commensurate with the favorable opinion I have been offered so far. Thanks.
Yes, I have them and they are as my friend says "stupid good for the money".
The power cords run with the big name cables for a fraction of the price.
The speaker cables are outstanding as well.
The interconnects are good, but a bit on the mellow side.
On Dan's recommendation I tried the new speaker cable and interconnects. I compared each of these with Dynamic Design Lotus and Empirical Design. The Soundstring was the least preferred of the three. The single ended IC's are beautifully constructed with superior connectors. All the wire is flexible and easy to work with, as is Len Miller who runs the show. However, I found the sound to be slightly less focused, coherent and musically satisfying than the DD or ED wire. With the SS wire in my system there was a slight edge--vocals at volume tended to "shout" ever so slightly. They are very high resolution, however, with good detail. I think like any cables they are rather system dependent so I would give them a try. Len has a buy and try policy so that might be a good way to see exactly how they work in your application. Given Dan and I have very similar components I was expecting to be pleased with the results but, good as they are, I went with the DD speaker wire and ED IC's at the end of the day.