Any stores/resellers to buy tubes in NYC????

Thanks in advance.
I second the vote for that store. Steve and crew are great, and they sell some excellent products, tube and SS. Other stores have tubes, but they tend to be the "sure sellers" like Conrad-Johnson or Cary. Check In Living Stereo out, and enjoy the music !
I was hoping to find replacement tubes, and I don't think they do sell them at Living Stereo and I unfortunately had a very disappointing experience.

I don't know which member of the crew met (ignored?) me and my girlfriend on Saturday, but the guy couldn't be bothered to answer any questions, give me a demo, or even the time of day when two other customers were in the listening rooms.

Just echoes of the good old, if you are not ready to spend money right this second I am a little too busy, standoffish, high end audio weenie attitude.

I have read good things about his shop so I hope I just got them on a bad day, but in any case the store is very small and maybe an appointment would be best.
Sorry, I meant replacement tubes. I had a similar experience at Living Stereo. Some guy there was pretty rude.


If your willing to travel to Brooklyn, you can try Vintage Audio, 718-377-7282,, a friend of mine deals with them all the time and stands by them.

If your willing to purchase from the net, you can try, Andy is a great guy, a true audiophile.

Good Luck!