Any Subs Linn Sondek Oil 1,000,000.00 a gallon

Linn sells the bearing oil for $ 5.00 per thimbal full .Are there any techs out there who know what its made from ? Can You reccomend a substitute ? PS The Linn Lp-12 Rocks !
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If you can afford a Linn LP12, you should not object to $5.00 for oil. That is like buying a new car and complaining that motor oil is too expensive.
If you don't mind purchasing a minimum quantity of 55 gallons, I know a good substitute for the factory spec Linn "Black Oil" and it'll only set you back one-third of what Linn would charge for the same amount.The thousands of plastic vials to put it in would be extra,tho.
There is a motor oil called MoS2 which uses a moly compound to reduce friction. The motor oil is available at and is endorsed by BMW. They have 10w40. I don't know if this is the same oil as Linn oil, but I doubt that Linn is in the oil business. Will this work? I am not convinced a turntable is going to endure more stress than a car turning at 5-6000rpms. Thus, use at your own risk. The cost is 5.95 per liter.
With regard to oil, please bear in mind that there are many grades of oil which perform differently over time. Some oils have a high paraffin content and will solidify over time with exposure to air. Other oils change their viscosity, and some have a higher precentage of higher distilates to thin out the sludge that the MFG has used to blend a particular grade - this oil may separate with out an active pump, and cycling.
How much do you wish to save?
what are you willing to risk? - the life of your spindle?
Good luck
Thanks for the follow ups > BTW of course I am not expermimenting to save $ 5.00 on an LP-12 . I was hoping someone with technical knowledge would shed some light on this oil .Thanks!
Hello to all.

It seems that the Linn oil is a colloidal-graphite-enriched light oil. I believe it is ideal for the Teres bearing.

I have read elsewhere that its military spec is MIL-L-3572A.

These lubes are unavailable in small containers so the Linn offering is the only game in town.

Is there an online source for the Linn-branded oil? How do I get one via mail-order?

Thanks in advance?