Any Subs Linn Sondek Oil 1,000,000.00 a gallon

Linn sells the bearing oil for $ 5.00 per thimbal full .Are there any techs out there who know what its made from ? Can You reccomend a substitute ? PS The Linn Lp-12 Rocks !
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With regard to oil, please bear in mind that there are many grades of oil which perform differently over time. Some oils have a high paraffin content and will solidify over time with exposure to air. Other oils change their viscosity, and some have a higher precentage of higher distilates to thin out the sludge that the MFG has used to blend a particular grade - this oil may separate with out an active pump, and cycling.
How much do you wish to save?
what are you willing to risk? - the life of your spindle?
Good luck
Thanks for the follow ups > BTW of course I am not expermimenting to save $ 5.00 on an LP-12 . I was hoping someone with technical knowledge would shed some light on this oil .Thanks!
Hello to all.

It seems that the Linn oil is a colloidal-graphite-enriched light oil. I believe it is ideal for the Teres bearing.

I have read elsewhere that its military spec is MIL-L-3572A.

These lubes are unavailable in small containers so the Linn offering is the only game in town.

Is there an online source for the Linn-branded oil? How do I get one via mail-order?

Thanks in advance?