Any turntable installation references for help in Boston area?

This is kind of an obtuse request. I just received a Luxman PD171 turntable purchased from the former US distributor. It came with the tonearm installed (Jelco) but that's all. I have all parts. 

Can anyone recommend an audio/turntable expert who can complete the installation and calibrate it properly? I could bring it to them but prefer to pay someone to come to my home and do the work in Hingham (So Shore).This is a substantial turntable weighing approximately 55 pounds. 



I had Goodwins dial in my VPI turntable. It never sounded so good until it was set up at Goodwins. They had/have? a turntable guru that was excellent.  You have to bring in house though. I thought there was a small high-end store in Hingham?

Yes, you are correct and that slipped my mind...but I have never been there. It is the Audio Shoppe on Keith Way near Derby. Two great references. Thank you! 

I second Goodwin's.    I've known Alan Goodwin since the his Newbury Street days and he and his crew at the Waltham shop are some of the best in the biz, including, Jim Fuller who's their turntable guy.    My understanding is Jim also makes house calls, on occasion.     

I've still got my VPI TNT that I bought from Alan 33 years ago and it performs as well today as it did in 1990.