Anybody dealt with

I just thought I'd see if anyone had dealt with these folks. An Audiogon member by the handle of Lunac has a pair
of speakers listed and gives as the contact info in the add. Their site looks reasonably legit but the typical marketing hype (new! below dealer cost!) always makes me a little cautious :). Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Now if I can just decide what speakers I really want... Guess I'll post a request for opinions on that in a separate thread :).
They advertise a bunch on I've never done business with them, but if these are all one and the same person / business, they've been around quite a while.
Chris Moon is a broker. I bought a pair of Rowland 9Ti monoblocks through him for about half price. He was very honest and excellent to deal with. He will also haggle on the used stuff. I have contacted him from time to time on various items and would qladly buy through him again. I would give him an A+ as a dealer. No, he's not my brother-in-law.

David Shapiro
I hope he's legit -- I just ordered a pair of Linn Katans from him by credit card. I'm expecting them next week. I'll post the results, good or bad.
He sounds like a pretty good guy to do business with- thanks for all the info! I look forward to hearing your results Mateored :).
I just got the Katans via UPS from Chris Moon (can't wait to get them hooked up!). The transaction was smooth, honest and quick -- subject to the speakers working properly. Based on what I've seen so far, I'd recommend doing business with Chris.