Has Anyone Had a Good Experience with HigherFi??

I've seen lots of negative comments about HigherFi, mostly about their astonishingly high priced speakers.  But they're also listing a piece of used electronics that I'd rather like to buy.

Has anyone actually had a good experience with HigherFi?

Sorry, mate, we are poor brothers here, can't afford that stuff. I'd really be happy if I could get those Lansche speakers.
I sold them a pair of Von Schweikert speakers (VR33) back in January 2015.  I had no problems and the transaction went very smoothly.
I purchased a Cary 306 SACD player from them years ago and the drawer gave me fits.
Even though they claimed it was a new opened unit. After the ordeal, I checked the serial number and found that in fact it was several years old.
Cary Audio was also associated in this because I think they sell to Higher Fi reconditioned or refurbished units. The drawer under Higher Fi warranty (90 days) was serviced by Cary in which all they did was "grease and adjust the skids").
However, the drawer would actually draw the discs inside and not reopen. Now out of warranty, ( 6 months) Cary said I needed a new circuit board at a cost of $1000+. I paid the repair and sold it. Higher Fi did not agree to recoup my costs.
So, for me, no more Cary and no more Higher Fi.
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I recently sold approximately 200000.00 of my gear thru Higherfi very professional received fair value was paid quickly they were excellent in their instructions and coordinated all shipping.I highly recommend their services.
The gentleman agreed to sell my amplifiers on consignment. In the interim I found a buyer on my own. When I told him I had an opportunity to sell if he hadn't found a buyer, he said he had a commitment from a buyer and was negotiating over buyer trades toward purchase price. I was told he would have my amplifiers picked up within 3-5 days.  Long story short, his buyer reneged and HigherFi reneged on the purchase. My private buyer was gone forever after I told him the unit was committed to HigherFi.  This is not a glaringly negative commentary but one that advises caution about committment and integrity. Once I gave up my personal sale to make good on my consignment agreement, HigherFi should have purchased the amplifiers directly after their buyer reneged. Just my humble opinion.

I bought an Audio Research preamp from them a number of years ago. One of the channels didn’t work. I tried to get them to take it back or fix it and they basically told me to pound sand. I ended up fixing it myself. Swore I would never do business with them again. Your mileage may vary.