Anybody Heard the CODA v2 multichannel Amplifier?

Anybody Heard the CODA v2 multichannel Amplifier?I was looking for some independent listening impressions.

Do you think it will be suitable  for bi-amping? It is nice to have one amp and bi-amping.
Or this is bad idea? 
I dot know that model personally.. But CODA rocks and makes really good gear. Quality SS and always sounds great.
Are you talking about the CODA v12 multichannel Amplifier? I think v2 is a Continuum Monoblock Amplifier.
How do you think what will sound better one v12 with bi-amping connections  or one s12.5 (not bi-amping of course).

My resent research shows that bi-amping is always better but I tried that with two separate amps. I have never tried 4 channels amp for this.
Sorry I don't have any experience on both v12 and s12.5, however, IMO/IME one better amp preforms better than two lesser amp passive bi-amping.
On paper, the s12.5 look like a better amp.