Anybody heard the ML Descent Sub?

Just wandering. Thought it might complement the Aerius nicely.
Yes. It's a three driver unit. I don't thing it's price is going to be "Descent"--pretty high in fact >$2500. I imagine it will be a superb sounding piece.
I own a descent sub I use it with my oydessys, mind blowing.i used to own aeirus and also the new ascents you might be better off selling your speakers and pick up a new pair. huge improvement over aerius but if its lots of bass you crave go with a desent or a paridigm servo 15 works good and a $1000 cheaper not as nice as the descent.
I think the Descent is probably one the best subs in its price category. 3 high speed woofers that go quite low and are really fast. A true music lovers sub imho, maybe not the home theater guys ultimate for high spl's.
I need one.
I heard this sub in a brief demo, and I was impressed. The store was playing a Prince concert on DVD, and the sub gave this live performance some definite kick. I agree with the the post above that the sub seems optimized for music, with its sealed enclosure and servo drive. But I would like to hear it how performs on home theater. I think it has 3 ten inch drivers, so even with a relatively compact sealed enclosure it should provide decent slam for home theater, but probably not at reference SPLs. But if you're looking for that kind of output without significant noise or distortion, you would most of the time need two subs anyway, regardless of the make and model.
I have one. Plays cleaner and with less distortion thany any 15" sub I have ever heard. I use it primarily for Home Theater. Unless you like to play at ridiculusy loud levels, I would absolutly reccomend it. Much faster than any sub I hav ever owned. Nothing else in price catgory comes close.
I am borrowing one this weekend for Eval. I have not spent a lot of time with it yet. I have it hooked up both with left/right and the low effect hook up. The Sub is very fast. I have not had the opportunity to listen to the Vanderstein 2W series but the Descent is very quick. I would have to say it blends seemlessly with my CLS IIz's. The only complaint I have is it seems to be amking me feel sick. Has anyone experienced this before?

I'm extremely interested in the ML Descent, and am considering it along with the Dynaudio Contour Sub, the REL Stadium III and the Revel Performa SUB15 to mate with my Dynaudio Confidence 5s. Has anyone had any experience with any of these subs in an audio-only application that demands extremely fast base?