Anybody heard the VSA VR4 Gen III Special Edition?

This is the latest version of the Von Schweikert VR4, now called the Gen III Special Edition. Is this really "best in class" at $5995 ? I would like to hear opinions of those who have heard it.
I have heard it and I was mightily impressed. Probably VS's best speaker IMHO. By the way, I think it can compete with speakers at 2 and 3 times its price.
I am auditioning them at home and I think they are an amazing speaker. They are fast and transparent, have kick-ass bass if your cd or vinyl has it. It is the first time I have heard what is referred to as a neutral speaker. It reveals everything that's on a cd-good or bad. I had a very well known speaker before this and it was 3 times the price. That speaker had a sound that it put on every cd. You will experience a whole new world with this speaker. Give it a listen.