Anybody out there using the new Tenor 150Hps?

Who out there is using the new Tenor 150Hps and what did it replace and what speakers are you presently using or are planning on using with it?
I don't think anyone yet has the Tenor 150s. Have you heard the Tenor HP-300? In essence, the 150s are a 300 split in half. Of the people I know who have the 300s or who have ordered the 150s, they are using Kharmas (3.2s all the way up to Exquisites), JM Labs Utopia and Grand Utopia BEs, Wilson Watt Puppy 7s and X-1s, Talon Firebirds and Verity Parsifal Encores.

I don't think you will be limited too much in your speaker choice by this amp.
I stand corrected. There are some Tenor 150s that have just recently been shipped! There is one for sale right here on the Gon!