Anybody using a Power Conditioner with Wadia 861

I am completely happy with my current setup but I am toying with the idea of A power conditioner with my Wadia 861. Is anybody using one and if so what improvements have you noticed?

I enjoy the idea of my simple system and really don't want to add components unless there is a real improvment.

Thanks in advance.
I used to have a Wadia 850. Powercords made some improvements. I used a Electraglide and a Transparent. If you want to keep things simple, try a good power cord.

Just looked at your system page. Are you using the synergistic cords on the Wadia? if not, try one there. If you are, I'd say put a better cord on and skip the conditioner. Move up in Synergistic line if you like that sound already...

Conditioner's you'll have to try. Sometimes they work against what your power cords are doing and make things worse not better.
Kenscollick, for not alot of money the brand new Shunyata Hydra 2 is wonderful. It is $395 w/o the cord.
I am using a Foundation Research LC1 power cord/filter on my Wadia 861. I tried a number of power cords and/or power filters on this CDP, but kept coming back to the LC1. It just seems to preserve dynamics and detail better, while cleaning up the sound overall. Most other cords/filters I tried either subtracted too much, or added a touch of warmth (especially in the bass) which I didn't like. (For a review of FR products see