Anybody want to talk about the JBL studio 590?

I just got mine and all I can say is wow.....what a great affordable speaker. Just wondering if anybody here has them and what you think about them? Cheers Dick
I bought mine as demos. They are 2k a pair new and yes they ROCK but they also do everything well....great Dynamics and I love the horns. No need for a sub as the bass is tight and fast. I use emotiva gear and for my total investment of 1700.00 for the whole system I am more than happy. Cheers Dick
No surprise here as JBL has been making high quality speakers for decades! I like and own some of their vintage gear (L56, L166 and 4312). And for a while had a pair of 640's. I thought Pink Floyd's DSOTM never sounded better played back over the 640's!
I have the Studio 530 stand mount version and it can embarrass a lot of speakers under 2k, including the LS50. Looks and finish though....not impressive. 
I’ve had mine for over two years and I am very happy with them. Superb sound value. True, the vinyl wrap is a bit on the dull side, and who wants plastic footers? But still, you get cast frame LF drivers, a smooth-sounding horn-loaded compression driver for the top end and very well thought-out 2 1/2-way crossover.  
Yep audio deal of the century when JBL blows them out on sale at $900 a pair. Every 3-6 months they are on sale straight from JBL. They have a 30 or 60 day free home trial too. The 590 are huge though but I like big speakers. 
When my non audiophile friends ask for speakers I pretty much default to this jbl line. The 530,580,590 are all great and really make you question spending more money. I think they are better than B&W’s 700 series for example. Much flatter and more dynamic. 
I would love to hear a pair with better quality crossover parts. 
Not on sale now but last month they were $450 each!
@james633 "I would love to hear a pair with better quality crossover parts." 
I did see on ye ol innernet that there is a guy who has upgraded the 300 and 500 series JBL's. He says it is difficult but if you got some skills and patience it is a very worthy upgrade ...
Yes, I saw the same video.  It involves melting the glue on the speakers and pulling panels apart.  Doesn't look like fun at all.  I'd break them for sure and be SOL.