Anyone compare Sim Audio Ecplise to Audio Aero 24/

Everyone speakes so highly of the Audio Aero 24/192 but has anyone done a head to head comparison with the Sim Audio Eclipse. They both use the very expensive Philips Pro transport and seem similar in sound from comparing individual reviews. Anyone, Anyone....
Yes- extensively. I used to own the Eclipse, and now own the Capitole. Eclipse- awesome bass, better 'air', micro-detail retrieval excellent on both. Capitole- more organic and natural midrange, more 'intimate' experience, most analog-like digital (which is why it won me over). Also- with Eclipse, I needed a $4.5k DCS Purcell upsampler AND a separate preamp to bring it to the level of the Cap- The Cap replaced 3 'boxes' with one.

However, in a PERFECT world, the Capitole, as good as it is, would have even tighter bass, and better imaging to truly make it the ultimate in my mind. Maybe the new model addresses these issues? Don't know, but I DO know it's big $$, even for the upgrade (my dealer wants my Cap vsn 1 + another $4k for the new one- don't think so!!).

I drive amps direct, but have heard that adding a top-flight preamp (i.e. First Sound Presence Deluxe) makes the Capitole Gen 1 even better...
Hi Tim - :) I've never listened to the Sim Audio Eclipse so I cannot compare.