Anyone else impressed with modern Marantz integrated?

For a few hundred dollars, you can have modern Marantz integrated and I am impressed with it - replaced more expensive separates. Is it just me or others using it too in their second systems?

Sounds natural and singing to me...

I just had my 70's Marantz 1060, garage amp, re-caped, all other components checked, replaced if needed and all controls cleaned. It sounds great, very impressed with the improvement.
Last year I purchased a Marantz HD-AMP1 for use in the warmer months when I don't want to run tubes. I think it's a terrific sounding little class d integrated and exactly what I was hoping for to be honest.
KI Ruby, Heck of a little music maker.. I heard them with bookshelf, Klipsch.  First rate SQ.  The little Bookshelves had a kit from GR research in them, I think that was the company..

Just wonderful, I'm picky, really picky..

A/V-1, that was it.. Not a Klipsk, It was a GR Research kit..

What a great little speaker..Amp combo.

Yep I’m waiting on a back ordered pm7000n for my office third system. Replacing a Bluesound Powernode 2.  Really looking forward to it
Years ago had a PM 8005 in a second system.  It thought it's SQ was very impressive and preferred it over a well regarded power amp outputting 200wpc and driving Magneplaner 1.7's no less.