Anyone else using slugs instead of fuses? Comments on metals used and sound please

I recently began experimenting with slugs in place of fuses on most of my components and the results have been VERY rewarding. I'll write up a full review eventually but am awaiting possible different metal slugs in the near future.  I started with copper and the improvement from stock fuses to the copper slugs was quite noticeable but, honestly, nothing compared to the upgrade from copper to solid silver slugs from Golden State Silver and, shockingly, titanium slugs.  Can anyone comment on their DIRECT experience(s) with slugs other than copper?   I'm looking into tungsten and possibly molybdenum presently.  I'd love to try platinum or palladium but that's probably beyond my reach.  AND PLEASE, THERE'S NO NEED TO COMMENT ON HOW FOOLISH IT IS TO BYPASS THE FUSE WITH SLUGS-----WE ALREADY KNOW---YOU'VE TOLD US EXHAUSTIVELY.



It's not my topic to speculate what else should be considered, but when approximately 1/4" x 1-1/4" of a specific material in the signal or power supply path makes a sonic difference to someone's ears, it's a reasonable question to ask, especially when a less conductive material like Ti is reported to make a difference.  Blind testing with a variety of materials might provide some interesting results.  And just to add to the fun, conductivity of many metals varies with the temper.  

I found some good sterling silver tubing from an online source to use in my Magnepan MMGs.  I don't listen overly loud and I don't listen to music that could be considered "challenging" for this speaker (as in, primarily, anything heavy metal or rap) so I'm not concerned at all about damaging the speakers.  

To my ears, the difference was subtle but detectable.  Added a hint of airiness, or glimmer.

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Do you find the sound radiates better?