Anyone else using slugs instead of fuses? Comments on metals used and sound please

I recently began experimenting with slugs in place of fuses on most of my components and the results have been VERY rewarding. I'll write up a full review eventually but am awaiting possible different metal slugs in the near future.  I started with copper and the improvement from stock fuses to the copper slugs was quite noticeable but, honestly, nothing compared to the upgrade from copper to solid silver slugs from Golden State Silver and, shockingly, titanium slugs.  Can anyone comment on their DIRECT experience(s) with slugs other than copper?   I'm looking into tungsten and possibly molybdenum presently.  I'd love to try platinum or palladium but that's probably beyond my reach.  AND PLEASE, THERE'S NO NEED TO COMMENT ON HOW FOOLISH IT IS TO BYPASS THE FUSE WITH SLUGS-----WE ALREADY KNOW---YOU'VE TOLD US EXHAUSTIVELY.


tksteingraber:  I biamp my speakers as well but haven't installed a slug in the bass amp (D-Sonic) as I've had it go into protection mode a few times without really being pushed so not sure what's going on but don't want to take a chance.  What are you hearing with your subs with the silver slugs in place?  And please let us know how the Swiss fusebox compares to the slugs direct.  


And I'm having trouble getting the correct molybdenum rod.  I accidentally order 3/8" rather than 3/16" and then the seller sent out a replacement after I shipped the 3/8" back.  That arrived today and it's obviously smaller than 3/16" so.... we'll see.

@lcherepkai my speakers aren’t bi-amped they have the 1200w class D subs built into the towers.  Sound-wise:  Tighter, clearer bass, slightly more volume, improved soundstage depth and more defined hi’s without brightness.  Just overall improvement with no harshness added and with more clarity.  

"Honestly, I’m shocked at how much detail and how precisely in space titanium places individual sounds. There can be a strangeness to the way some mids are portrayed, which is why I’m interested in hearing other metals as slugs but the difference between having the stock fuse, or even the copper slug in my DAC, versus using the titanium slug is the kind of sonic difference I would expect from a MAJOR component upgrade."

I drove to McMaster Carr for a 3/16"x 3/4" Titanium Dowel Pin,

Part #97395A872    $24.73

It replaced the previous Copper Slug in my CEC transport.

Everything you said about the Titanium is ditto, thanks for the tip!


I am a big fan of the Sluggos.  It makes most sense to me to have a Swiss Digital Fuse box behind them though.  While the odds of disaster are low, if it can happen, it will eventually.  Also, they can be reset, so it's the last fuse I will ever have to buy.  I have three and they have really elevated the sound in my system. It really is interesting how one can dial in the sound one prefers with different metals. I've noticed that it took my system a week to settle after each change.  I have found the Gold immersed Bronze to be my overall favorite so far.  I hear Mark has Tellurium Copper with Rhodium Plating sluggos coming soon and am looking forward to trying these next.

@lcherepkai Ok here’s my update on initial results with the Swiss fuse box on my Supratek Cab preamp.  Great quality product.  Sound is excellent but just a tad less satisfying than when playing Sluggo’s without the protection. Just a little softer less detail and clarity.  Very close and not sure if they have a break in period on the fuse box and pig tail cord.  My preference on the 3 metals that I have used is the 100% silver is definitely my favorite then copper with gold immersion, then close third is  100% copper.  All sound much better than quality audio fuses.