Anyone else using slugs instead of fuses? Comments on metals used and sound please

I recently began experimenting with slugs in place of fuses on most of my components and the results have been VERY rewarding. I'll write up a full review eventually but am awaiting possible different metal slugs in the near future.  I started with copper and the improvement from stock fuses to the copper slugs was quite noticeable but, honestly, nothing compared to the upgrade from copper to solid silver slugs from Golden State Silver and, shockingly, titanium slugs.  Can anyone comment on their DIRECT experience(s) with slugs other than copper?   I'm looking into tungsten and possibly molybdenum presently.  I'd love to try platinum or palladium but that's probably beyond my reach.  AND PLEASE, THERE'S NO NEED TO COMMENT ON HOW FOOLISH IT IS TO BYPASS THE FUSE WITH SLUGS-----WE ALREADY KNOW---YOU'VE TOLD US EXHAUSTIVELY.



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I DO HAVE higher level Piggies in the works - but frankly in my system what I have now (Piggy) seems to work really well.                 

New Sluggo - just awesome IMHO...

Protection is important as a vendor - but I know others are not worrying about this -

Cool in any event 




Mark. How would one get one of these new sluggos as I just ordered your Black Friday special and this is coming with the Copper Gold Sluggo, the best to date from a week ago?   



I Received a 6" Coin/Silver rod (0.208 in. / 5.283 mm diameter) from Surepure Chemetals.

90% Silver, 10% Copper $120 bucks. In my rig this sounds better than the Titanium, midrange (vocals) are more present, much better conductivity without too much over the top brightness (hence the 10% Copper content)

Easy to cut, cordless drill as a lathe, hacksaw blade and file.

FWIW: Fuse clips are made from brass and copper with a tin plating to maintain a low-resistance electrical contact with the fuse.

rx8man:  This sounds very promising.  How does it compare to the titanium on inner detail and image placement?  And did you try pure silver?  I'm supposed to be getting the tungsten and molybdenum slugs tomorrow.  I'm going to end up with a nice big stash of sound options!  Appreciate you travelling this path as well.


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Our new Tellurium Copper with Rhodium Plating are clearing customs. 

These are $199 for 5 x 20mm 

The 6 x 32mm are $299

I have High Purity Copper at $10 dollars each - same for High Purity Brass 

With BF Deals we sent our High Purity Copper with Gold Immersion - these are normally 25 dollars each 

Any Sluggo order has a freight charge of 8 dollars. 

Questions - 

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