Anyone else using SR Tesla?

I just had my Designers Reference X2 interconnects upgraded to the Tesla Apex. I received them on Thursday and listened to them most of the weekend. I was truly impressed with the improvement in the detail, resolution, and the extension on both ends. super tight bass and treble that was crisp clear and smooth. If you have experience please let me know your impressions.
Installed the Tesla Apex ICs and Speaker cables today. I had been running DR X2 and RR X2 prior to the upgrade. The factory had burned in the cables for 72 hours before shipping them out. After letting them settle in for a few days I will write a more detailed review.

But here are my first impressions: Natural, organic, incredible detail (a tough combination to get in one cable), and the best attribute is the superbly realistic micro dynamics. This adds to an uncanny sense of realism, unlike any thing I've heard before. I previously had a complete complement of Vahallas prior to moving to the X2s (after going through many brands). The two cables had remarkable similarities, both being fast with a nice airiness, although the Valhallas excelled in transparency, I loved the midrange substance and mid-bass relative richness of the SRs.

The Tesla Apexs are in a completely different league, the naturalness and easiness are the best I had heard (this is right out of the box!), but with detail and lifelike dynamics. Until now I thought it would be impossible to get a cable that does both well. A wide and deep soundstage, but most impressive the bloominess of the voices and instruments. Combine this with the incredible speed and micro dynamic snap and shading, they produce the most holographic and realistic images and effect I have yet experienced.

More to come after a few days listening - highly recommended!!!!


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(A later post)...Tesla Apex update:

These cables definitely need extensive break-in, even after the factory treatment.

They are great out of the box, but start to close in at around 75 hours. This lasts until the 150 hour mark where they begin to open up again...then they start to improve significantly.

The sound stage opens up and expands beyond the original 200 hours it is still improving.

The biggest difference is in the detail, the fine grain is starting to come out. Old recording (listened to thousands of time) reveal new sounds (or sounds that where there were a bit blurry). I use the analogy with digital photography - it's like going from 4 mega pixels to 12.

Everything improves - the soundstage becomes circular versus flat staggered cutouts. In other words the sounds seem to emanate in concentric circles from the instruments vs. front to back projection. The sound wraps around the room. Images are defined in shape, firmly anchored, and of realistic size and shape. All adding to the realism. Bells and triangle strikes hang in midair and radiant in 3-D space.

The growing fine detail lets you "hear" the resonance of the wood like never before (striking on acoustic guitar and piano). It gets hard to explain the effect. Sounds fade into a deep dark background. The tones are very neutral and natural, never pitched one way or the other.

One thing to note, the amount of information on 30 yr old Redbook recordings ( especially remastered editions) are still beyond our systems ability to retrieve. I'm hearing faint background vocals and instruments I never heard before.

The best of all - ALWAYS completely relaxed and unfatiguing, and more so as the break-in evolves. You can listen for hours on end without wanting to stop.

I love the way you can turn the volume up as loud as your system will permit and never feel a pinch in the ear, in fact more details continue to emerge. Everything from acoustic vocals to alternative sound silky smooth. If you love to play alt and emo LOUD, you will love these cables.

I get the feeling they will take several hundred hours of playing to fully breakin.

Updates to follow...
Hello Ken (I'm assuming that is your name), I just today made arrangements with the Cable Co. to audition the Tesla. Going from Kalidescope X2 ic's and Res. Ref. FX speaker to whatever they decide to send me. They will know what's appropriate. Driving Dynaudio Contour 5.4's, using a hot-rodded Aragon 3002 300wpc ss amp. (By David Shulte, amazing job on it). The FX's made my jaw drop, I hear that experience will be happening all over again. Your report is encouraging, enjoy, Dan