Anyone ever hear NTT Audio Lab speakers

These NTT speakers are ultra expensive and some of there speakers look like the Wilson Alexandria's and use really good drivers.
Anyone ever hear the NTT speakers?
Yes. At C.E.S. 2012 at the Venetian. Can't recall which model they had on demo but they sounded absolutely stunning being driven by Pass Labs amps and Esoteric digital. The bass was astounding considering the set up was in a regular sized hotel room and not one of the larger suites. They did vocals beautifully and the cabnet finish is killer. I would agree that some of their higher leval speakers do look alot like Wilsons and they ARE very expensive indeed, but I guess that's what we crazy Audiophiles aspire to. Certainly not the most expensive loudspeaker out there but a top performer nonetheless. I do not know if Ntt has a dealer network here in the U.S. so hearing them may prove to be a challenge. The factory is in Temecula California in case anybody was nearby and wants to go give them a listen.
Wow! A great discovery for me. The larger ones certainly look similar to Wilsons, but nicer in my opinion. Yet another one for the short list while waiting for the lotto!
I never heard of these NTT speakers either.
I just looked them up online.
Some of their speakers weigh 1300 pounds. Yes 1300 pounds.
Someone was selling a pair on Audiogon.
Look at the cabinet. It looks like something from Nasa.
The maker of NTT products, Mr. Lee, is an ex Ford Aerospace software engineer who is just fanatical about doing things just "thus and so".

Mr Lee built some amp stands for me.... given the care he lavished into those, I can but imagine what he puts into the speakers
New retail is $125k. What do you think the person actually paid new for them? Looking at the pictures I would guess 400 lbs each but 1200? That's heavier than my next door neighbor.
My friend has their biggest model driving with Pass 200.5’s, Conrad GAT, AR CD-8, MIT Oracle IC’s, Transparent MM1 Ref SC’s, and all top of line Synergistic PC’s. He is a very nice guy and will demo it if you contact him. He is located in Arlington, TX 76001.

The flagship, I may be wrong but I think it is NTT-101, speakers are quite large (over 1200 bls. each) and require a large room for the best but you can get the smaller version that works for your room. These will not only give you WOW factors for the look but the sound is unbelievably impressive. The clarity, the resolution (each instrument and each note are crisply), and instruments separation (you’ll hear the drummer to the far left, while the piano plays to the right, and the singer is dead on centerstage) are top notch but what struck me the most part was the spacious and airy with the REVERBERATION effect. This gave me a sense of being in a wide concert hall with a very tall ceiling, almost like a church sound effect.

Secondly I was blown away by just how effortless they sound with any types of music from the lowest octaves on up through the highest of highs. The sound and sound pressure levels are just inspiring, dynamically is one of the best, the bass reproduction has speed and notes that most of anything out there cannot match. You can crank this speaker to crushing sound pressure levels and it will never lose its grip and remain fidelity. This is also true at low volume.

Finally, if you are looking for towering soundstage, look no further. Its soundstage is wide and deep, closer to the scale of a large orchestra or a full organ.

As always, matching components to your taste is the key.
they are great, and to be fair, it's actually wilson that copied the look of ntt and NOT vice versa !