Anyone familiar with Buggtussel Amygdala speakers and what their worth?

I have inherited a pair of Buggtussel Amygdala transmission-line speakers in maple in huge shipping crates and also with outboard "Attack" controls in matching maple boxs.  My research on the internet shows that these are very serious speaker designs. Other than the great reviews like Quest for Sound and other reviews from about 2003-2005, there's little been written about them since. They are simply too big for my current dwelling, but the more important concern is that they also apparently deserve world-class tube amplification and cables which I can hardly afford to match them with. Thoughts? 
They are/were well-regarded transmission line speakers designed by Dr. Kevin Blair here in the Kalamazoo/Portage, Michigan.  The design is based on a q-TSAL® (quasi- Thiele/Small Actuated Labyrinth) transmission line.   I believe the Amygdala may have been the best known model and was in the middle of the range - there was at least one larger model, the Coeruleus, which one of my friends still owns. There are a couple of reviews you can find with a Google search.

I believe they did sound best with tubed amps and Dr. Blair used to have deHavilland amps and preamp in his showroom at the "factory" where they produced the speakers.  The folks at deHavilland had this to say,
" 1/8 Wavelength transmission line loudspeaker systems developed by Dr. Kevin L. Blair PhD. We have had the good fortune to have these speakers available to us at our CES showrooms, and the results are spectacular."
Unfortunately, the business closed years ago, but not because the speakers didn't sound good, because they did.  A side note is that Dr. Blair also developed Vinyl-Zyme,
"a record cleaning solution not based on alcohol solvents or surfactants, but rather, on natural enzymes derived from plants. Its enzymatic action mimics the biological digestion process to break microbial attachment of fungi and bacteria, leaving the record a non-supportive surface for those contaminants." 
Vinyl-Zyme is still available for purchase.
Thanks so much mitch2 for your thoughtful reply. Apparently they were originally $4300 in maple. I leaning toward likely selling them on Audiogon for around $1650, but concerned that no one will be familiar with them.
The Buggtussel's were reputed to be outstanding rock n' roll speakers, garnering compliments from some rock stars.
+1 for @mitch2 comments.  I've only seen one Pr. of Buggtussel Amygdala's when they were first introduced to the market years ago at Deete's Soundroom in Carmichael, CA.   Haven't seen them since.
I have a pair, with those Attack boxes as well. I found them on here/Craigslist a few months back. I got them for $800, which I considered a steal. For local pickup, I slightly doubt you could get $1500, a realistic figure may be $1200. For shipping them, it of course would be more expensive, and I don’t know how much.