Anyone familiar with the Ultron ECC88 tube?

The only information I have is Ultron was a W.German company that distributed other manufactures' tubes. The tube in question is labeled with a Ultron logo and made in Germany beneath the logo. The seller claims it looks like an early 70's Siemens ECC88 gray shield version. Has anyone seen or more importantly heard this tube? All comments and thoughts are much appreciated.
If you go to he has a library of tube pictures to compare it to. Also if you upload a picture on Audio Asylum's Tube Asylum, and ask for an ID, I bet you will get your answer. I wouldn't be too dissapointed if it turns out to be a relabled East German or RFT tube which were commonly relabled in the 70s for numerous manufacturers.
Don't know anything about the tube other than my dealer just recommended them for my phono. He said they were somewhere between telefunkens and mullards. Best tube I've tried to date in my EAR 834 and I've tried many different combos. Warm with sparkle....go figure.
Somewhere between Telefunkens and Mullards. That is a very odd description indeed. It gives me pause to imagine if this guy knows tubes at all.
Maybe you should listen first and comment second. Isn't that
the type of response the OP was soliciting when he asked
"or more importantly heard this tube?" Then you
wouldn't have to worry about whether he know tubes (at all),
which he does.

" my dealer just recommended them for my phono. He said they were somewhere between telefunkens and mullards."

That means they should sound like Amperex.
I've got some 60's Bugle Boys and the Ultrons are not nearly as "sweet". Amperex is normally my tube of choice in the ECC83's. I just installed them a week or so ago, so I'm still getting a feel for the tube and I'm sure they need to break-in more as well. I guess I should clarify that I'm talking about the ECC83's not the 88's questioned in the original post. They do have some of the sparkle of the telefunkens. The bass is tighter than the Amperex, but not as warm as Mullards. They're in my phono so the break in process will take longer than normal. I'll report back after another week or so.

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